Andrew Bradley

Contributors / February 16, 2014

Andrew is a Photographer specialising in interiors for the luxury hospitality industry and beyond. Passionate on living life to the limitless boundaries of our imaginations and enjoying every second through expression of positivity realised through work and physical challenges.

Living and working from Southern Ireland finding peace, a place to rest his head and call home in rural Ireland on the Atlantic coast with his wife and three children. He describes his work more as a lifestyle lived through the joy of creating imagery and meeting some good friends along the journey. Recently transitioned into film direction for hotel video projects with a heavy emphasis on telling a story through film while allowing the personality of the hotel to be the golden thread running through a foil of finely crafted lighting and camera work.

He is a lifetime sailor with a love for the outdoors and as a matter of balance, he recently discovered a passion for mountaineering and the wonderful realisation of the power of wisdom gained through experience. Andew can be found equally at home in a hotel room, crowded city, beach bar, Mediterranean village, on a yacht, in a kayak, on a hammock in a forest or up a mountain.

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