Anthony George

Contributors / October 18, 2014

Based in East London, Anthony is a digital marketing specialist with a passion for hotels. Having developed digital campaigns for the likes of L’Hotel, The May Fair and Mandarin Oriental, Anthony appreciates top-notch service, luxurious interiors and amenities that could make a short novel. He also is just as happy in simple digs where a hotel is doing something different – whether it be the rough luxe charm of Papaya Playa Project on Tulum’s coast, or The Jupiter’s pumping patio scene in Portland.

Mini bar vices include peanut M&M’s, Jack Daniels and those delicious tinned mints. Highlight hotel experiences to date include the Chateau Marmont (Teri Hatchett after one two many glasses of Rose – genius), the magnificence that is London’s Savoy and Su Gologone, a hillside oasis in Oliena, Sardinia.

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