Emily Johnston, Fashion Foie Gras

Engineers / September 10, 2014

“I’m incredibly impressed with Stella Jean and what she has done for African prints in fashion.” Emily Johnston

Emily Johnston is the editor of Fashion Foie Gras and has contributed to a number of publications beyond FFG including Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine UK and Stylist Magazine. She has worked with prestigious brands such as Ralph Lauren, Coach, Hermes, Michael Kors, Mercedes-Benz, Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, Victoria’s Secret, River Island, Marks & Spencer and many more.

THC: What inspires you and why? 
Emily: I find inspiration everywhere these days. I find I sort of have to – being online. All my social channels are looking for me to provide insight regularly. So I’m inspired as much by a night bus ride in London as I am a private island in the BVI.

THC: How did you get into your business? 
Emily: Here’s the honest truth – I bought a URL. HAH. Honestly, one day I woke up and just thought, “I’m going to give this blogging thing a go.” From there it turned into a seven hour a night obsession before going full time.

THC: What are you working on right now?
Emily: At the moment I’m at New York Fashion Week , then I fly back to London for Fashion Week there, and so on and so forth. This is a pretty crazy time of year for FFG.

THC: How do you see your space evolving? 
Emily: News is a tough game, especially when you are a one man band. But I’d love to see FFG evolve into something bigger this year and I’m looking into hiring a team moving forward. So watch this space.

THC: Who’s your hero or icon? 
Emily: I am incredibly inspired by the women around me in London. That isn’t a single person, as you asked, but I find, as a collective, the women in my home city are just incredible – from their fashion choices to their 24 hour lifestyle. Women I meet in London never cease to amaze me.

THC: Where’s your favourite spot around the world?
Emily: Beaufort, South Carolina. My parents have a home off the coast there in SC and I find Beaufort to be the most incredible and beautiful town in the world. If you haven’t visited, you need to go!

THC: What’s your favourite injection of culture into a brand?
Emily: Tough one! At the moment, I’m incredibly impressed with Stella Jean and what she has done for African prints in fashion. If you want to talk about a culture clash that worked in fashion and the injection of culture, this is where it’s at. She’s one of the hottest designers in London right now and she’s doing something no one has ever done before, and taking inspiration from her own cultural roots in doing so.

You can follow Emily @fashionfoiegras
Or visit: fashionfoiegras.com

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