Emily Venugopal

Contributors / February 2, 2014

Brit transplant living in DUMBO Brooklyn from London via Miami.  Fabulous hotels are in her blood, thankfully her job as the SVP of a Public Relations firm specializing in luxury travel takes her to many of them often. She loves luxury hotels but is equally at home in much less deluxe surrounds. Anywhere where there is good food, wine and somewhere to explore and relax catches her interest generally. Of late, anywhere where her kids are happy makes her happy, that said, she generally disagree with the sentiment that just because you have children in tow means you’ve had a style labotomy and will settle for less.  She’s traveled to many places but still has many places to go.

She loves film, galleries, checking out the latest restaurant openings, great food, seeing friends, going new places and generally getting out and about in NYC. On weekends she can be found often at Janes Carousel, One Girl Cookies or Jacques Torres’ Ice Cream shop and in the summer she loves nothing more than getting a zip car and hitting the beach. She loves to travel and loves hotels.

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