Welcome to the neighbourhood Mr Balazs

News / February 10, 2014

So, Andre Balazs’ highly anticipated Chiltern Street Hotel is creating a storm, and much like Prince’s UK tour dates, information is thin on the ground. Yet we keep reading stories… Believe it or not, we like this approach. Andre is the man who gave us Chateau Marmont, The Standard(s) and of course, everyone’s favourite The Mercer.

The hotel industry is a fan of long awaited debuts and much hype. But like the music industry all that really matters is the product. It begins and ends with the product and looking at hotelier Andre Balazs’s portfolios, he is very aware of this. We’ve been waiting for this hotel since 2010 when rumblings first began, but everyone has been tight-lipped – and in this industry that is a very difficult thing to achieve.

From what we hear it will be 26 suites with stunning food & beverage outlets, yes plural. Nuno Mendez the superstar  Chef from Viajantes at The Townhall Hotel is signed up and news is the first diners (the local neighbourhood folks) have already visited and assure us its a treat beyond all treats.


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