Month: June 2016

Becoming One

Contributor/ The Vulture The Vulture loves a bit of Antiques Roadshow. Filling that tricky late-afternoon period where a drink-before-dinner hoves into acceptability, that first flush goes down all the better when some old dear finds out that her verdigris’d  clock is worth £20 grand and, in a puff of dust, she’s off to the auction …

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The Claridges, New Delhi

Contributor/ Woody Anderson Best Known For The Claridges is an iconic post-deco hotel that was built in 1952 and still retains its old-world charm. Built in the heart of Lutyen’s Delhi, the hotel’s plush green lawns were a favourite of India’s first Prime Minister, Mr.Nehru, who liked to enjoy evening tea within the grounds. No relation …

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