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Engineers / April 24, 2014

“I am a content marketeer… I guess…” Dan Flower

Dan has 20 years of experience marketing and developing internationally-engaged, but quintessentially British, brands, often with a fashion and design focus. He has worked with numerous brands and titles who were expanding in new territories, but had to maintain their original, domestic base: firstly for Emap such as Arena Homme Plus, Arena, Pop Magazine; and then for the Soho House Group with Soho House clubs in the UK, Germany, US and Canada, as well as the launch of their various restaurant chains, and the design, launch and maintenance of Soho House’s entire digital strategy and communications.

He conceives, manages and executes projects across multiple disciplines (print media, digital, pop-up events, celebrity endorsements, photographic publishing, video). Dan is experienced in collaborating with established events like Cannes Film Festival, Hay Literary Festival, Wireless, Toronto International Film Festival, The Brit Awards, Winter Music Conference, London Design Week etc to maximum benefit. He has extensive background in all areas of media from advertising and sales to editorial,  contract and newsstand publishing of all frequencies. Adept at extracting maximum impact and returns from small, well-motivated teams of creatives. His outstanding relationships with creatives in all fields has cultivated over 20 years of work.

THC: What inspires you and why?

Dan: Writers…in an age of social and blogging etc, proper writing, depth of content, real architecture still excites me.

THC: How did you get into your business?

Dan: From the very bottom…post room

THC: What are you working on right now?

Dan: The launch of the club at the historic Cafe Royal and a new concept in co-working in Shoreditch called Forge & Co.

THC: How do you see your space evolving?

Dan: It will get bigger and bigger… Content is king, its been king for years but now everybody seems to have joined the party..all brands want frequent dialogue with their consumers and consumers want compelling content to interact with brands.

THC: Who’s your hero or icon?

Dan: Would have to be Nick Jones, he showed me that sitting around a board room table all afternoon with academics whipping out their nobs is not the only way to get things done and be successful…

THC: Where’s your favourite shade around the world? 

Dan: Mount Irvine beach in Tobago. Been going for 20 years, quiet, beautiful and i buy fish from the local fisherman everyday which is always fun and exciting.

THC: What’s your favourite injection of culture into a brand?

Dan: Red Bull seem to do this very well, with genuine support and coaching for young music artists through their RBMA.


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