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Reviews / February 5, 2014

Contributor/ James Layfield

Best Known For
To me the Ace offers everything I want in a hotel, escape, amenities and access oh… and accommodation, best not forget that. Firstly with its faded indie grandeur dialed up to attract the cool lobby surfers and its somewhat refreshing semi-military take on minimalism, it delivers a home that you would never want to permanently live in but which has an edge that attracts you for a short stay.

The Good Stuff
I love the genuine thought which has gone into the overarching theme of the place, from its cool concession of soaps etc at reception to its even cooler team of barristers who are nearly too cool to serve you. Luckily the service stays just on the right side of this line, the staff try to help as best they can and are generally embracing of all requests. The mix of restaurants from the aforementioned Stumptown Coffee, genuinely attracting a queue all day long, to the fantastic Breslin or even the so cool you’ll not buy anything store. You can genuinely hang out at the Ace and not get bored. Their food & beverage offerings have enlivened the area of West 29th and Broadway which they inhabit.

The Vibe
I recently visited the Ace Hotel New York, not for the first time I might add, but rather as a reintroduction to New York for my 40th Birthday with my fiance and some playful friends. If you like a cool hotel but don’t want to break the bank in the heart of NYC then this is for you.

Inside the hotel – 8/10
The rooms, I love ’em, simple, stylish if you like contemporary military chic. With loads of daft things like record players and guitars which though you will never do more than prat around with them make the rooms feel different enough to be fun. Definitely go for a big room, its just not fun if you don’t.

Outside the hotel – 8/10
In terms of access will it is at West 29th and Broadway slap bang in the middle for me, I tend to move as far as 5th Avenue and the Park and down to East and West Village. So for me everything is about 10 mins away.


Image courtesy of Ace Hotel

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