Alexander Larman

Alexander Larman is a writer and journalist based in London and Sussex. He lives something of a double life. By day, he writes biographies such as Blazing Star, his recently published life of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, or his forthcoming social history of 1666, Restoration. By night, he leads an existence that sees him swan around the most stylish bars and restaurants that London has to offer, as well as pursuing a keen interest in arts and culture that sees him spend more time than he ought at the theatre, opera and cinema.

He has written for most of the major papers and many lifestyle magazines at one time or another, but is normally to be found writing about literature for the Guardian and Observer, interviewing celebrities for The Resident or reviewing restaurants for The Arbuturian. Marriage has done nothing to quell his wanderlust as he found someone every bit as interested in travel and style as him – although thankfully she doesn’t share his obsession with Lord Rochester.

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