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News / July 22, 2014

The Hoxton Hotel is taking it to the streets with hip Shoreditch shopping mall BoxPark.

BoxPark opened in 2011 by CEO Roger Wade. The concept is constructed of stripped and refitted shipping containers, creating unique, low cost, low risk pop-up retail outlets. BoxPark is jammed with mixes of fashion and lifestyle brands as well as cafes and eateries. The aim is to position both local and global brands in harmony so as to create a truly unique mall come plaza, of sorts. As a concept it offers soulful alliances that really foster cultural kudos and in their own words, “puts creativity and fashion back where they belong; on the street.”

The savvy folks at The Hoxton have created an all singing and all dancing bedroom within one of the shipping containers. All with the aim of providing folks on the street with a taste of what Hoxton Hotel is all about. That being cleverly designed rooms that are perfectly formed to maximize comfort with duck feather duvets, comfy beds, 300 thread count linen, Roberts radios, fridge stocked with fresh milk for tea and coffee and complimentary water.

The collaboration between Hoxton Hotel and BoxPark perfectly aligns similar minds, with a fantastic mechanism that lowers the invisible yet real barriers of the hotel world so that folks, all folks, can peer in to see what the fuss is about. Affectionately named “Hox in a box” the initiative delivers fresh and original thinking whilst utilising the commercial and mainstream buzz of BoxPark, converting lookers into bookers may never have been so gleefully democratised.

The one room hotel will be open for business for 10 days and nights and not only will guests get a bed for a night, they will get breakfast delivered from one of the newest additions to the Shoreditch restaurant scene, Lyles and dinner at a local restaurant. And in true democratic style, money cannot buy it, in that it costs nothing to stay in ‘Hox in a Box’ but to be one of the lucky 10 who get to stay entrants will need to answer the following question: What would you do in a box for 21 hours solid? Keep it clean folks.

Hoxton Hotels will pick their favourite answers and the winners will be asked to Tweet and Instagram during their stay to document the experience. Hoxton Hotels will also be asking the guests to write a short blog post to be hosted on their website. The competition launched 7th July and closes at noon on 28th July. The winner will be notified by 31st July and stays will take place between 11th August and 23rd August. Entry via: jules@thehox.com

This serves as the latest in a long line of trending features centred around the relationship between the retail and hotel worlds respectively. Both industries have always shared commonality, especially within the digital space comparing Mr Porter to a branded hotel’s online selling capabilities. Tactics like remarketing and retargeting have always been good friends of retailers. However, “Hox in a box” is taking a blend of guerrilla and experiential marketing to town.


Image courtesy of Hoxton Hotels

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