Amy Guttman

As a child, Amy Guttman regularly cracked open the World Encyclopaedia to discover new, exotic-sounding locations on the glossy pages of the World Map, conjuring up images of locales like Bora Bora and Papeete. Ever since, she’s chosen adventurous over mainstream, when given the chance.  A trip to Senegal resulted in a choice of layover – Lisbon or Tripoli.  When asked by her companion, she said, “Why go to Lisbon when you can go to Libya?”  An obvious decision. Thankfully, this was two years before Gaddafi fell.  She also had the good fortune of visiting Damascus one year before the revolution, and Kiev a year before Russia got involved.  Some have suggested the stamps in her passport could be a guide for where to avoid.

When not travelling to pre-war zones, she divides her time between the US and Europe. Amy is Editor-at-Large of The Hotel Culture and covers a mix of luxury travel, food and current affairs for various digital, print, and broadcast outlets and welcomes any opportunity for wild swimming and improving her surfing skills.