Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles

Reviews / January 18, 2015

Contributor/ Anthony George

Best Known For

A haven for the international jetset and Hollywood elite alike, the Chateau (for those in the know) is a mirage at 8221 Sunset Boulevard, dripping in Hollywood history. Secretive stays in Garden bungalows, endless seal-the-deal lunches, and famously unpaid bills: Chateau Marmont is an ode to the movies and the people who make them. 

The Good Stuff

This is by no means a gleaming tower of brand new, top of the range luxury; it’s a grand old house with all the squeaks one would hope for. Amidst the old school charm is the reason people keep coming back – service. It’s in the small things: perfectly timed turndown, room service breakfast with soup-bowl sized coffee, hot eggs on time and a fresh copy of the New York Times. The jazz hums and rays pour through the windows on to Persian rugs, softened by stiletto and brogue.

The Vibe

Where you’d expect pomp and pretention, you find bohemia and grace. As with André Balazs’ other properties Chiltern Firehouse, The Mercer, Sunset Beach and The Standard hotels), absolute privacy is pooled with indulgence. You’re invited to be as naughty as you like, but one strict faux pas is photos; leave the selfie stick in your room!

Inside the Hotel – 9/10

Quality over quantity wins here, with just 63 rooms, bar, restaurant and terrace. Styled with art deco accents and equipped with luxurious modern touches, guest rooms exude a warm welcome. The cottages and bungalows are set apart, nestled in thick gardens offering the ultimate urban escape.

Outside the Hotel – 9/10

The hotel itself is probably the area’s most revered landmark, and West Hollywood is adjacent to LA’s historic neighbourhoods of Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Hollywood proper. It’s a drive to the beach (of course) but you’ll find enough here to be suitably entertained. 


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