Dean Ricketts, The Watchmen Agency

“… things that were once seen as underground and uncommercial now occupy the mainstream and now even called urban.” Dean Ricketts

The Watch-Men Agency is an agency for the city. The urban is their environment, the place where we all live, breathe, work and play. And their expertise is in reaching and building relationships with consumers of urban culture.

THC: What inspires you and why?

Dean: People who make their ‘dreams a reality’ like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jamal Edwards.

THC: How did you get into your business?

Dean: It was simple, what we wanted to do didn’t exist so we created it ourselves – giving a voice to multi cultural Britain, underground music fashion and artists. So things that were once seen as underground and uncommercial now occupy the mainstream and now even called urban.

THC: What are you working on right now?

Dean: Amongst other things I have just started a record label with Digger Elias called Area Boy Music the idea being to record great voices from around the world that don’t fit the mainstream model. I’m also working on a street wear brand called Private Ballerr.

THC: How do you see your space evolving?

Dean: The internet has disrupted this space and further accelerated culture, creating an obsessive need for immediate gratification as well as not giving things a chance to develop fully. That said, I have faith that sense will prevail and clients will realise that relying on YouTube for measurements such as ‘likes’ are passive engagement and they need to go back to creatives like us to get ‘to the heart’ of what people really want and how they want it.

THC: Who’s your hero or icon?

Dean: My hero is former heavy weight champion Muhammad Ali because he’s the living example that sacrifice is rewarding to both self and others. By giving up his gold medal and refusing to fight in the Vietnam War making a statement about plight of Black Americans.

THC: Where’s your favourite shade around the world? 

Dean: Jamaica. Three reasons: 1st The People, 2nd The Food, 3rd The Music.

THC: What’s your favourite injection of culture into a brand?

Dean: I think Camper through The Walking Society delivered, against the trend, an excellent campaign calling for people to slow down and appreciate all that life has to offer.