Dylan Stuart

Dylan is a brand maker and creative strategist. His work takes him around the globe, working with clients including Hyatt, Saudi Aramco, BP, Four Seasons Hotels and Samsung. He also consults to a number of start-up ventures and on a pro-bono basis or the London Symphony Orchestra. He also has extensive experience consulting to the automotive industry for brands including BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Skoda. He is currently a Partner with Lippincott and is based in London.

Dylan describes himself as an imperfect perfectionist, explorer, blue loafer wearer, and seafood aficionado. When not on an airplane, he enjoys boating (wind and gasoline powered varieties), motoring and hiking. Most of the past few years have been spent shuttling between London, California and the Middle East and while he loves the sunny motoring culture of the West Coast, he plans to spend his next two-week break exploring Japan by train.

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