Glenn Ebert

Originally hailing from Nashville, Glenn is now based in London working as a Digital Strategy Consultant for a host of global fashion, luxury and lifestyle clients. With hundreds of eclectic destinations just a short flight away from London, travel has become an addiction and a way of life since jumping the pond; whether for business of pleasure, and blending those lines whenever possible.

With a wide ranging appreciation for all forms of adventure, Glenn has learned from his time living in hospitality meccas such as London and Miami that not all travel experiences are created equal. Like the recipe of his favourite cocktail, curating the perfect setting and ambience is like making a Negroni. There’s often only a few, simple ingredients to master and focus on to create an effect that will inspire loyalty from others but confound the rest. Either way, you get a strong reaction. He’s also a firm believer that, like the current climate for fashion, design and restauranteurs, travel has never been in a more exciting, disruptive era.

His preferred holiday locales are anywhere beachfront, but Ibiza, Istanbul, Corsica, and Sicily are always standout destinations because of the hidden, rugged and sublime potential they possess to enchant if one commits to venture from the beaten path. When not focused on travel, digital marketing and writing, Glenn spends his time advocating for organisations such as the Hydrocephalus Association.

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