The Grand Budapest Hotel

News / April 2, 2014

On a chance visit to Burger Lobster in Clerkenwell we spotted next door an intriguing and familiar sign. One wouldn’t be blamed for thinking this may have been a slightly more impaired vision, one more closely associated with the small hours of a Saturday night. But, alas, it was a Tuesday night and we hadn’t drank that much.

Every now and again something happens in popular culture that turns the worlds attention to the unique and intriguing world of hotels. Ocean’s 11, Hotel Babylon and Richard E. Grant’s Hotel Secrets notwithstanding. Yet cinema has always been the biggest draw. In that Grand Budapest Hotel is no exception.

More likely what we’re not used to is life imitating art and courtesy of Secret Cinema, that’s something we’re just going to have to get used to. This is probably one of the most gregarious events we’ve come across related to hotel world in a long time, Jeff Beacher take note. What we’re talking about here is a full scale installation that is an immersive experience, which takes you on the journey of Wes Anderson’s hilarious roller-coaster The Grand Budapest Hotel presented by Secret Cinema.

Hotels often wax lyrical about creating an experience, so there’s a subtle insider sense of irony attached to this anecdotal piece. You are requested to wear suitable attire and encouraged to lose yourself in Anderson’s vision of 1930’s Eastern Europe. The staff are kitted out in representative costume, each taking a persona from the film itself.  Unlike any other hotel, when you’re inside you can roam around until your heart has contently captured all of the art deco grandeur it could possibly consumer. Then, once you’ve fraternised with Zero, you settle into the movie and watch as Ralph Fiennes tears through the very corridors that you have just occupied.

This level of creativity and theatre lends itself so rarely to London culture, so book now or you’ll be sorry. Shows close this Sunday!


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