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News / September 1, 2014

If you’ve been wondering how hotels can change your life, read on.

One can easily imagine how excited we got when we heard the chatter about Hotel Week. This slice of hotel-goodness is a week (or two) dedicated to the hipness, hotness and all round worldliness of hotel-land and all that’s within it. Styled as a love note to the industry this initiative seeks to offer travellers and locals in LA & NYC special (and by special we mean low) rates during the typically quieter weeks pre & post the festive break. Hotel Week NYC is now in its fourth year with over 25 hotels participating. Hotel Week LA has just debuted this year, with 15 (and counting) hotels currently taking part.

Hotel Week NYC runs from January 3rd to 18th next year, and expands to Los Angeles from November 29th to December 14th, this year. Hotel Week NYC and Hotel Week LA will offer discounts at celebrated hotel hot spots, many of which charge upwards of $500 per night. Hotel Week guests will be fortunate and spoilt enough to book rooms to stay at participating hotels for $100, $200 or $300 per night during these dates.

Founder Nancy J Friedman of PR agency NJFPR says, “The reduced rates give guests a chance to treat themselves to the best hotels in Los Angeles and New York for a fraction of the cost, and the promotion gives hotels an opportunity to book unoccupied rooms and simultaneously win over new visitors”. Frankly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Some LA hotspots include SIXTY Beverly Hills, Mr C Beverly Hills, The London and The Line (featured above). NY offers the same level of hotel slickness with Gansevoort(s), Viceroy and Library Hotel. Here’s the full skinny on where and how to book.

So folks, with Christmas shopping in LA followed by the sweet abandonment of a post family-fest detox in good ol’ NY, NY, consider your life changed.


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