Jen Rubio

By day, Jen Rubio is the head of innovation for a global fashion retailer, but when she’s not at her desk, she’s everywhere. She hails from New York but grew up in the Philippines and has called Los Angeles, Paris, and Sevilla home. With half a million miles and all seven continents under her belt, Jen is now based in London but travels often to NYC and San Francisco to stay on top of the latest innovations, startups, and potential partners. After work, you can often find her perched on a sofa in Shoreditch House or the Edition, on a plane (in the cockpit of a Cessna or the bulkhead window seat of a jet—always), and typically with an Old Fashioned in hand.

Some of favourite places in the world: the Big Island of Hawai’i; Chefchaouen, Morocco in all its shades of blue; Big Sur, California; and Manhattan. The right hotel experience can make her feel at home anywhere—her two must-haves are proximity to culture and a good pillow. (The rest she can pack.)

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