A City with so many neighbourhoods and vibes its hard to sum it all up, but we’ll try.

The hottest neighbourhoods are always where the creative industries set up camp. Parts of town like Shoreditch, Bermondsey and King’s Cross all take solace in this sweet but known fact. The main aspect then becomes more about nightlife and culture. The cultural capital in parts of town like this lends itself to cool and iconic status rather well.

London is home for us, so we’ve witnessed the rebirth of architecture, design, food, drink, hotel, culture and community in each of the parts of town from Chelsea to Bloomsbury and all thats in between and around.

Largely known as the gateway City London has seen a lot of interest before and since the Olympics. The hotel development side of the City has been hot and largely uncontested. London beat NY in 2012 for the first time in hotel development projects. In the last two years alone we’ve seen Edition, Thompson, Me and soon Andre Balazs land our doorstep and we’re not looking away. The enchanting and characterful nature of this City is strong and showing no signs of slowing down.

Hello London, it’s always nice to see that smile.