Los Angeles

For those of you who feel that LA is too pretentious, we have news for you. Every where has pretentiousness, but its up to you to find a nook that speaks to you.

LA is one of our favourites, a City that offers lifestyle, culture and unique experience like no other. Of course, if you love movies then you’ll dig LA. In part due to always feeling you’re on the set of Entourage. The hot happenings in this town are actually cooler than you can imagine. If you’re lucky enough to be able to invest in some of the town’s glitzy affairs, you’ll be feeling like Ari Gold in no time.

On our last trip we were lucky enough to snag tickets to one of Jay Leno’s last Tonight shows. It was fun, terrifying and deeply Hollywood. We stayed at the SLS Hotel in Beverley Hills, the logo featuring monkies swinging on chandeliers whilst trying to arrange a dinner table spoke at volume to us. We’d always recommend a trip to the Griffiths Observatory by day, you can see the City for miles, beautiful idyllic and just breathtaking.

Food, drink, hotels in spades, visit LA if you want to experience something that you cannot experience any where else. After all that’s why we travel and that’s why we live.