Nessa McAuliffe

Born in Dublin, lived in France, Sweden, South America, settled in London (for now) with her husband and daughter so she’s quite the nomad.
She has enjoyed several career incarnations through the years ranging from French interpreter, revenue manager, media professional to marketeer. 15+ years in the travel and hospitality industry and she’s most definitely found her niche. Her day job is a fast paced, dynamic role in an ever-changing marketing and travel landscape. She is one of the lucky ones and loves what she does. Take a peek at her LinkedIn profile and it will tell you that Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Revenue Management, Loyalty and CRM, Mentoring and Training and fluency in French, Spanish and German are among her core skill set. She’s a Francophile and a ‘Greekophile’, adoring all things French and Greek. More of her favourite things include film, fashion, food, exploring new hotels, lighthouses, travel and travel writing, languages, dinner jazz, adventures, photography, new experiences, café culture, the outdoors, bike touring, wine and speakeasy bars. Any finally…

Her hotel style is Boutique chic, her favourite travel Brand: Expedia Favourite quote: ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got, so do something different’ (Anonymous)