Patrick Duffy

Patrick is a young hotelier living in New York City.  He’s spent time in finance and hospitality before his travels and experiences brought him to hotels. He feels that any successful hotel has a way of fostering and sustaining both a community within itself as well as existing within a larger community; it’s this ability to create unique experiences that draws him into the hotel world.

Besides work, he enjoys a healthy and explorative balance of exercising, eating, travelling, and the “occasional” party. He schedules life around his next trip and his bucket list in life is visiting and experiencing as much as possible. Patrick is passionate about food & drink and often takes advantage of the achingly hip food scene in NYC.  When travelling he craves a local experience in terms of food, drink and culture. Considering himself a pretty adventurous guy, Patrick often explores his cooking prowess in the kitchen, he’s also been an athlete all his life and still regularly runs, swims, rows, bikes, lifts, whatever he has time to.