Saffron Powell Brown

By day Saffron is a magazine designer on a fast-paced celebrity weekly magazine in London. By night she writes a food blog with her husband – We Love Food, It’s All We Eat, which has been going for three years now. They both still disagree about why they started it to this day, it was intended to be a hobby, but has instead taken over their everyday lives. Because of it she has been lucky enough to go to incredible restaurants, beautiful hotels and meet passionate and inspiring people from chefs to restaurateurs.

She has a huge passion for hotels, restaurants and bars, of which London offers me plenty. Certainly too many to even try and keep up with. But nothing beats escaping the city for a night away, even if it’s to another city. Staying in a hotel is pure indulgence for Saffron, especially if it has a roll top bath and shower big enough to accommodate six people.

She has a tick sheet in her head of what she wants out of a hotel stay, from the food in the restaurant to the vanity kit. When she’s not eating (or writing it up) you’ll find her peddling away furiously on a spin bike at the gym. Either that or collapsed in front of the telly with one eye on Twitter and the other on the Hollyoaks omnibus.

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