Saint James, Paris

Saint James is part-chateau, part-family estate, that delivers a chic country retreat, in the heart of Paris. This majestic residence started its life as home to the Thiers Foundation which helped house elite French students and was created in 1892 by the widow of former French President, Adolphe Thiers. As the years went by the Saint James Club, which was moulded in the tradition of a London’s gentleman’s club, took over the building and it was turned into a hotel in the 1990’s. 

It’s a rare hotel that cultivates the quintessential Parisian art de vivre and 
as you walk up the drive to the hotel, you know you’re in for a very special stay. The interior is sublime and designer Laura Gonzalez has done a splendid job with not a single item seeming out of place. The hotel is a dream come true to anyone who has the pleasure to stay at this little tranquil oasis paradise, surrounded by 5000 square meters of private gardens, in the centre of Paris!!!. A truly unique and rare hotel and one you need to visit.

A gentleman’s club that welcomes you with open arms like you’re a founding member. 
It’s grandiose and intimate, romantic and exclusive, classic and unconventional, chic and poetic. A mixture of styles from 19th century Chinese curios to Art Deco detail, floral A
rt Nouveau to Greco-Roman geomatic patterns that delivers an enjoyable visual feast; taking you on a seamless journey through time. 

INSIDE – 9/10
I loved the library bar with it’s old leather-bound books, winding staircase, wood panelling, worn-leather sofas and autumn tones throughout, which delivers a typically British feel to it and made me want to light up a cigar, not that any were available. The pool was a welcome change of pace to our trip and we spent over an hour taking full advantage of the sauna, jacuzzi and stream room  The kaleidoscopic stairs-way and mirrors is an Instagrammers dream. Unfortunately our timings didn’t allow for us to try the cuisine by Julien Dumas, but I’m sure it would have been as delightful as the rest of the hotel.

OUTSIDE – 6/10
The hotel isn’t too far from L’Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, and is situated right next to the Jardin d’Acclimation which saw Parisians of the Belle Eqoque marvel at it’s beauty. Just a stones-throw away hot-air balloons were previously launched from the capital’s first aerodrome and Saint James is certainly channelling similar heady-heights as it’s strives to be one of the best hotels in the world.