Tamara Sword

Tamara feels like a tourist wherever she goes, even in her home town London – proving that with the right Instagram filter, even the everyday can be endlessly exotic. Formerly head of marketing at Augmented Reality start-up Aurasma, Tamara’s now founding director of TRM&C – an agency that provides marketing might to high-growth tech companies and brands and agencies looking to use the latest tech in their campaigns.

Over the years, Tamara’s career in high tech marketing has taken her to breathtakingly amazing and incredibly mundane destinations around the world. As a marketer and as a traveller, she’s passionate about the importance of putting the customer experience at the heart of every hotel. Get that right and everything else falls into place.

With a career that clocks up the airmiles, Tamara loves nothing more than downtime with her family, touring festivals in their vintage Hymer campervan. Recently voted one of the most influential people working in Mobile, Tamara presents at conferences around the world and writes about technology, marketing and the way we live for the Huffington Post and other publications.

You can follow Tamara @tamsword