The Other Era

News / August 4, 2014

In an era where we forget why some folks are famous, Jeremy King and Chris Corbin are two chaps who maintain a reassuringly low profile, but they are very well known, if not famous, for good reason. J Sheekey, Le Caprice, The Ivy and, of course, more recently the Wolseley, Delaunay and Brasserie Zedel, to name a mere few. But a game changer is coming, their first hotel – The Beaumont.

A 73 bedroom, including 23 suites, hotel featuring a Grill Room, an American Bar, a separate Residents’ Bar & Lounge, a Boardroom and a Gymnasium, Spa and Hammam – breathe, will be with us shortly.

Arriving early Autumn this year and located in the highly sought after Brown Hart Gardens, Mayfair. The hotel also features a “habitable” structure from Antony Gormley. A striking feature and, in a lot of ways, a departure from the usual Mayfair landscape, whilst in other ways serving as the perfect addition to the glamorous neighbourhood.

In an era of hotel development that has seen owners take great care in creating the hippest, coolest “it” scene within a hotel, a rare few instead choose to favour the creation of experiences through timeless designs that will stand and last the test of time. In this business time is the most important factor, a fact that Corbin & King know well. They effortlessly tap into an iconic design and service ethos in a style that a traditional hotelier might crave. The hotel industry is one that can sometimes be about what’s in and out, however, the more savvy folks consider it an expression of who they are as a brand. In that sweet brand delivery there are fewer folks better known than these two gents.

The Wolseley’s timelessness, the Delaunay’s charm and Brasserie Zedel’s complete carrying to another place are crucial factors in their contribution to London’s dining elite. Furthermore, and in-spite of changed owners J Sheekey, Le Caprice and The Ivy still demand an audience and crowd not dissimilar to the magnitude of a Harrod’s sale. Throughout all of their fine restaurants there is a sense of an “other era”, a less complicated time where old school hospitality lives and is unashamedly filled with spectacle and grandeur, but done so seamlessly you might well feel transported to the art deco time the building is fashioned after.

Some folks say, “restaurateurs can do hotels, but hoteliers can’t do restaurants”, true or false the jury may still be out. But what we do know, unequivocally is that Corbin & King are about to deliver a masterpiece, of this or any era.


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