Zetter Townhouse, London

Contributor/ Imran Hussain

Best Known For
From the group that bought you Zetter Hotel and Grain Store.

The Good Stuff
For those of you who may not know, the hotel industry is in a state of flux. This shift is largely born from guests now including experience, value and culture within the purchase criteria – and it’s about time. Few have responded to this shift as well as The Zetter Townhouse. This place is designed for an entire lifetime, not just a moment or era. There are no ridiculous fad-ish pieces of furniture, no regimented front desk and no surplus charges. The bedrooms have a wonderful sense of culture and history, here you’ll experience something very fun, edgy and uniquely London.

The Vibe
A decade ago words like minimalist and stark were bounded around as gospel in relation to hotel design. I’m happy to say that this hotel is proud of being maximilist and boy does that make it big in personality. The staff are amazing and deliver a first class experience every time. A soulful place that dares to be different, but yet, is so simply and superbly executed.

Inside the hotel – 8/10
This hotel is so elegantly and beautifully appointed that you’ll struggle to ever leave. 

Outside the hotel 8/10
But should you choose to, you have The Modern Pantry and all of Clerkenwell’s greats available on your doorstep.