Katamama, Bali

Contributor/ Woody Anderson

Best Known For

First came the legendary beach club Potato Head, which is situated on Seminyak beach and has played host to some of the finest DJ’s and live acts in the world; Snoop Dogg, Grace Jones, Mark Ronson, Disclosure, DJ Harvey and Gilles Peterson. You’d think things couldn’t get much better, but then they opened their sister property in the same location, the boutique hotel, Katamama, and this is where things get very interesting.

The Good Stuff

The contemporary design is breathtaking, seamlessly incorporating wooden furnishings with a mixture of local materials and textiles. On arrival the head barman came to our room and mixed us up a refreshing cocktail from our own personal cocktail bar, which came equipped with infused spirits, mixers and everything you need to throw a good party. Katamama oozes style and the attention to detail is flawless, I almost had to pinch myself the hotel was that good. I must say, hands down, this is my favourite hotel room I’ve ever stayed in, ever. It almost felt like I wasn’t in a hotel, but in my dream apartment. Everything about the place was outstanding, and the hotel acts as a showcase for Bali’s artisanal skill and craftsmanship. 

The Vibe

This is an uber stylish art and design hotel in which music plays a big part, but it’s not an Ibiza party hotel, far from it, the music is more complementary than intrusive. The Potato Head Beach Club, which you have priority access to, is the ideal place to delve into some Balearic bliss, sip cocktails from the infinity pool and watch one of the best sunsets in Bali. The clientele is a complete mix, from models to surf dudes to holidaying families, it really caters to all, and pulls it off majestically. 

Inside the Hotel – 10/10

There is no reception per se, but a member of staff will greet you as an old friend on entry into Akademi, the hotels centre of mixology, which was created by award-winning mixologist Dre Masso. If you fancy yoga, chocolate tasting or even zen’ing out to some tibetan bowl meditation then the cultural calendar is full of interesting activities to while away your time. It must be said the staff were outstanding, unfortunately I lost my iPhone while on the island and the staff went above and beyond to help me find it, nothing was too much for them, impeccable service. The restaurant Movida has a long inviting bar and cooks up modern Spanish cuisine while overlooking the exquisite 130sqm outdoor pool.

Outside the Hotel – 10/10

Located in the centre of Seminyak, the area is teeming with hip hotels (Katamama is the hippest), cool cafes, boutique shops, restaurants, clubs and bars, every need will be met, you can even surf here, which isn’t really a surprise considering Bali is one of the world’s top surfing destinations. But why would you want to leave the hotel? They have everything catered for, and the rooms are even designed to host your own guests, which the hotel encourage you to do. You simply won’t won’t to leave, I certainly didn’t.


Image courtesy of Katamama