The Vulture

A darkened corner of a hotel bar. A shiny shoe-tip poking out. A nod when a fresh gin is delivered. This is The Vulture. Read more Contributor page

Becoming One

Contributor/ The Vulture The Vulture loves a bit of Antiques Roadshow. Filling that tricky late-afternoon period where a drink-before-dinner hoves into acceptability, that first flush goes down all the better when some old dear finds out that her verdigris’d  clock is worth £20 grand and, in a puff of dust, she’s off to the auction …

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Size Matters

Contributor/ The Vulture The Vulture loves January. Who doesn’t? All that freshly-minted hope brightening the air, tangy in the nostrils. It’s bracing as long as you ignore the fact that all will be dust by late January. This new year dawned on a brave new age for hotels – that of the behemoth. Standing astride …

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Hotels ne regrette rien

Contributor/ The Vulture Regrets? The Vulture has been known to have a few, although usually they fade after the sun’s come over the yard arm. For Sébastien Bazin, Accor chairman & CEO, it wasn’t the nifty white suit with embroidered company logo worn to a recent launch, but not investing in Airbnb. The same Airbnb …

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